Friday, September 2, 2011

Your Inner Seal

Last  night I watched a Navy Seal interviewed about BUDS (basic underwater demolition). It's the training they undergo at the start of their stints. One thing that was clear to me was that I would never, EVER be a Navy Seal. What is required physically and emotionally is flat outside my range---waaaaay outside. It's hard not to be awed at such a test of mettle and to feel like quite a wimp in comparison. But then I got to thinking about strength and courage and how we all have many opportunities to confront fear and make choices that contribute to a strong and positive sense of ourselves. Next time something feels a little scary---even if it's a small thing like sending back an incorrect order at a restaurant----ask yourself this question: what would make me feel proud? I bet you will know the answer and that if you take that action you will contribute to building a stronger and stronger self-concept (your inner Seal??).


ashley said...

I am going to perform tonight. I have performance anxiety. I am a Navy Seal.

e said...

that's funny- i just logged on to talk about my sister's performance, and she already hit the nail on the head-- she IS a navy seal. My sis was doing long-form improv, a format in which occasionally a member of the group will step forward and tell a monologue. An improvised one. It already takes a lot of courage to do improv, but a monologue taken from your own life-- that takes some serious guts. So I was amazed that my sis just stepped up and did one. It was a great story. I knew it was true and sincere because I know her life story. She told it with humor and great visual illustrations. It was awesome! And it subsequently inspired another 5 skits that riffed on the subject. She still hasn't had the opportunity to swim with a seal, but she IS a seal!

Aileen said...

Hi Liz,
I'm coming back to this post to let you know it has stuck with me.

I've never seen a Navy Seal, can barely imagine what a Navy Seal might do... but the image stuck and, facing a tough task last week, I found myself asking myself "What would make me feel proud?" I ended up doing the (5-hour) task. I was glad I did.

Facing another tough task this afternoon, I used it on myself again just now.

Thanks for a phrase that's working.

Liz said...

you go, aileen!