Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ho Hum

If I could put a tattoo on the hands of my clients, friends and self, it would be one word. A word undervalued, misinterpreted and underused. And it's not love. This word is not the least bit exciting, doesn't call up images of adventure, joy or expansion. Doesn't intrigue, doesn't speak to a higher or lower self and doesn't fuel creativity. It's definitely not sexy.

I'm being a bit coy for as soon as I write the word you may stop reading. I hope you don't because the word, for all it lacks luster, can bring goodness into your life (and no, it's not money).

"Moderation" is the word. Leaving now, are you?

Moderation is that place between extremes. Between high and low, loving and hating, gorging and starving, flaunting and hiding, ecstasy and despair, freedom and confinement and, you get my point.

You don't live any length of time without experiencing some extremes in life and who would have it any other way. But moderation has its place. The middle ground brings stability, improves health, reduces stress and keeps families together.

Moderation means you can have some but not all. Try applying this idea for a day. It means you will have one doughnut, not six (reach with your tattooed hand). You will speak your mind and get your point across without demolishing the other. You will have fun without losing the next day to a hangover.

There are people who seek to live life at extremes, in fact, they disdain any other way. But most of us find our well being in the middle ground, the happy medium. To practice moderation is to live a balanced life. It doesn't mean that feelings aren't intense but actions that follow are considered and restrained with the desire to not hurt others, our selves included.


A said...

I'm headin' to the tattoo shop now ....after I have just oooooone more doughnut....

CBCruz said...

I agree, Moderation is a Great Word - It's too bad that it's undervalued. The extremes can be fun once in awhile, just as long as we are able keep some balance in our day to day life we will be happier and healthier.