Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy V

My Wild Heart

Folded six times square
and tucked up in my breast,
My wild heart leapt
when you walked into the room.

Here, take it.
Shake it out
and dry your tears.

Washed and returned,
I'll press it thin,
then fold it back
in case, in time,
you need it once again.


Aileen said...

I love the phrase "my wild heart", and the image of it folded six times square, and tucked up... and pressed thin again later. It made my heart leap to read it this morning....

MtC said...

With an empty drawer and a wild heart all folded and ready for use you are all set for the hazards ahead.

AudreyB said...

A lot of power in very few words.

Peter Jurisic said...

a beautiful simple poem, thanks for sharing

Bridget said...

Thanks ABC. I like your comment.