Friday, February 8, 2019


Whenever I see
a wayward shoe
sitting on the sidewalk
or lying in the road
I wonder.
Surely the day began with two.
One shoe bespeaks misfortune.
An accident, a sore toe...
not a clue to tell the story
Only the one
The comfort
the companionshiop
the perfect pairing

Bridget Harwell


Aileen said...

Ooooooohhhhhhh ... I love "Surely the day began with two." When I see a single shoe, I somehow think of it falling out of a passing car -- makes little sense, I know -- and someone going through their things later with that sudden sense of loss. Plus the single shoe has few uses. No uses. It's just... a thing now, no role. And the full-stop of not a clue. You caught all of that for me in your perfect pairing of words.

Bridget said...

Thanks, Aileen. I've been carrying this poem around for some time. It finally came together. A few hours after printing it, I saw two shoes on the road, one on each side of a very wide road with trees in the middle. Small miracles.