Thursday, June 8, 2017


At six I took possession
of a dresser drawer
given to me by my mother.
Mine, all mine
no sister or brother could touch it.
Nicely folded, I put within
two dresses and a sweater
a stolen marble
The Little Lame Prince
and two dimes tucked under.
I thought of other things to fill the drawer
but never did.
Tidy and space in a family of eight are exotic.
Too well my mother knew this.
Her gift to me of privacy ...
a room of my own.

Bridget Harwell


Aileen said...

I love the line "two dimes tucked under", and I can so easily see your young self carefully folding the sweater. "Tidy and space are exotic" -- yes.

Aileen said...

P.S. I love the title too.

Bridget said...

Ha, I liked that line too. Thanks.