Friday, February 15, 2013

The Morning After Valentine's Day

How did Valentine's Day go for you?  Did you wake up this morning feeling grateful and loved?  Disappointed or shattered? Or totally indifferent to the whole valentine set-up?  It's an easy day to love or hate. If you have someone special in your life, it can be a fun day but if you're alone, and don't want to be, it can be painful. And, if you like being on a soap-box, it makes for a good rant.  There's lots to say about  commercializing affairs of the heart and pressuring people to display their feelings.

Then there is the very uncomfortable position of no longer loving someone but feeling the need to fulfill  expectations.  You celebrate the day but your heart isn't in it.  How sharp the falsehood feels on Valentine's Day.

Hopefully, this was not your day, but if it was, here's a bit of sympathy.  Because the heart does want what the heart wants no matter how one manipulates it. So, for you pretenders, here's a small poem.


As fire chokes
and sweetness burns,
as the page yellows
and the sky grays,
so too our love,
my love,
and we must
put it

Bridget Harwell


MtC said...


Aileen said...

Lovely - and perfect timing. Gives me a shot of chill every time I read it. A "frisson" - how often do I get to use that word?

Bridget said...

Yes, there's that MtC.

Bridget said...

I like "shot of chill." I may steal it.Thanks A.