Monday, October 3, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

Laura Stanfill has graciously shared the Versatile Blogger Award with us. Thank you so much, Laura. We are honored.

To accept this award we were asked to:

1) Thank the awarder and link back to him/her (see above)
2) Share 7 things about yourself (OURselves in this case)
3) Pass on this award to 15 blogs we've discovered

So, having thanked Laura and linked to her site, here are our 7 things and our blog list:

7 Things About Us:

1) Liz: I'll start with Milo, my ultra-lovable grandson because I can't seem to resist talking about him

2) Bridget: I have an eighteen year old cat, Baby Stokes, who is teaching me to age gracefully while paying attention to the kitten within.

3) Liz:  I would go to 2 movies every day if i could

4) Bridget: Liz taught me to put Raisenettes in my hot, movie popcorn. So good, still trying to forgive her.

5) Liz: My last meal would be a lobster roll, potato chips and a hot fudge sundae

6) Bridget: I've practiced Transcendental Meditation for thirty-six years. Best thing I've ever done.

7) Us: We respect our differences, learn from each other, and laugh a lot.

Cool Blogs We Have Discovered:

1)  Laura Stanfill--Laura is a former newspaper reporter and writer of fantastic historical fiction. Her blog is full of great info for writers.

2) Ut Omnia Bene Gigi's blog has something for everyone: art ,writing, performance, cute dogs and life.

3) Everything Health addresses the rapid changes in Science, Medicine, Health and Healing in the 21st Century  

4) The Therapist Writer great hints for therapist types who want to get published

5) A LIbrary of My Own visit this blog if you love to read

6) Share a bi-monthly event in Portland, OR that brings together artists to create in a shared space

7) Shrink Rap  Three psychiatrists discuss clinical and professional issues, therapies, and ethics

8) Mind Hacks Neuroscience and psychology tricks to find out what's going on inside your brain

9) Everyone Needs Therapy This social work blog reflects multi-disciplinary scholarship

10) Object and Architecture handmade objects for habitation & living from reclaimed/reused/recycled material

11) Urban Monk modern life, entwined with ancient spirituality

12) Urban Muse a wide range of excellent topics that all writers will enjoy

13) Roger Ebert's Blog all about movies, of course, but also about leading life in the face of challenge

14) La Belette Rouge a psychotherapist talks about a wide range of topics, including fashion, moving across the country and the craft of writing

15) Write to Done unmissable articles on writing



Anonymous said...

Raisinettes in hot movie popcorn?!? You have changed my life. (Congratulations and love hearing more about you both...)

ashley said...

congratulations ladies! you both rock!

Liz said...

muchas gracias, ashley

Gigi Little said...

Congratulations! Totally deserved. (And I'm very curious about this raisinettes-in-the-popcorn thing.) Thanks to both of you for the similar blog nod. I'm honored - and will post, post haste. I love that this award is about versatility. Pocket Shrink definitely has one particular aim, but the posts and the subjects are so varied - one thing I love about your blog.

Toni Brayer, MD said...

Thank you both for my award nomination. I will try to do it justice by passing it along.

Liz said...

thanks, gigi,,,and yes, do try the raisinettes and popcorn.

Liz said...

thanks for your note, toni.

Laura Stanfill said...

Congrats, you guys! I was glad to give you this award, and I love what Gigi said about the versatility of your posts. They're focused, so readers know what they'll find at your site, but they also cover a variety of topics.

Looking forward to checking out your list of links (and trying Raisinettes in hot popcorn).

Liz said...

right back at you, laura.