Sunday, November 27, 2016

Long Shadows

I like it when the sun
cast my shadow
long and lean,
then the image of my father
returns to me.
Arms loose, sleeves rolled
we swing along.
It is my eighth birthday
and my Daddy sings this song.

You are my sunshine
my only sunshine
You make me happy
when skies are gray ...

Like gold, love shines through.
I put this nugget in my pocket
kept it long after
my father
went away.

Bridget Harwell


Aileen said...

Hi Aunt Bridget,
I can see the image so clearly, the shadows walking. My heart opened up reading "Like gold, love shines through." Perfect timing. Just yesterday I was enjoying feeling loved/loving with my Dad. Riding on that easy wave. Then something happened, and I questioned it all. Shut the doors of my heart. Your poem just nudged them back open, Thank you.

Bridget said...

Thanks for your comment. Glad it added something to your day.